Dedicated MGV's were instrumental in helping the participants at the Learning Never Ends Adult Day Care facility.  The Master Gardeners helped the participants learn about all aspects of vegetable gardening including planting from seeds and using transplants. The participants also learned the importance of developing their sensory garden skills at their garden plot on Union Street between  Broad and Columbus Lancaster.  In 2019 the gardeners we recognized by the Fairfield Heritage Association as a Coronet Award Winner.    

Each year, the Fairfield County Heritage Association honors successful renovation, restoration, preservation, beautification and building projects. Honorees have included homeowners, business owners, industry, schools, churches and public property. An award-winning project may be large or small, but it must be visible to passers-by.  In 2020, even during COVID 19 restrictions 3 Master Gardener Volunteers have donated 66 hours of volunteer time to the project.  

Green Machine Gardeners receiving an award for the program on stage

2 Adult Green Machine Gardeners next to a garden bed

3 Adult Green Machine Gardeners next to a garden bed