Master Gardener Agriculture Center Renovation ProjectMaster Gardener Volunteers working in flowerbeds at the Agriculture Center

The focus of this ongoing project will be to renovate the existing landscape at the Fairfield County Ag Center  with new plant material and label plantings for visitors to the Ag Center to learn more about plant combinations  being used.  This project is funded by the Fairfield County Commissioners.

MGV's will be challenged with this effort as we will need to research deer resistant plants, look for plants that will be pleasing to the public as well as easy to maintain.  MGV's will be responsible for installing, weeding, watering and maintaining the plants thoughout the growing season.  In 2022, MGV’s donated 213 hours of volunteer service to the upkeep of the landscape at the Fairfield County Ag Center. 

The Ag Center is the place where many farmers come to conduct their business and the home of Master Gardener meetings; hence, we "MGV's" want the Ag Center to be a showcase of our efforts.      

MGV working in the flowerbeds at the Fairfield County Agriculture Center    Older man standing next to two scarecrows    

Flowerbed at the Fairfield County Agriculture Center