The Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program provides intensive training in horticulture to interested Ohio residents, who then volunteer their time assisting with educational programs and activities for Ohio residents through their local OSU Extension county office. Volunteers are not required to have gardening skills or knowledge; but a passion for learning about gardening and sharing this knowledge with others is a must!

Working with county Extension personnel, Master Gardener Volunteers provide such educational services to their communities as: answering gardening questions from the public; conducting plant clinics; gardening activities with children, senior citizens, or disabled persons; beautifying the community; and developing community or demonstration gardens.

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Locally, the Fairfield County Master Gardener Volunteer program trained its first class of volunteers in 1996. Since that time, 12 Master Gardener Volunteer trainings have been held with more than 150 volunteers trained. Educational efforts and opportunities exist for Master Gardener Volunteers (MGV’s) in Fairfield County at the Fairfield Medical Center’s Tranquility Garden, the Fairfield County Ag Center Revitalization Project, the Sherman House Gardens, Wagnalls Library Educational Garden and our newest project beginning in 2019 at the AHA Children’s Museum.   In addition the Master Gardeners Master Gardener Volunteers are instrumental in planning the semi - annual Dig Into Gardening Educational Workshop in the Spring plus other educational events.

2019 Master Gardener Training

2019 Master Gardener Volunteer Training Class

On March 21, 2019, twenty-three interns began their journey to becoming an official Master Gardener Volunteer.  Each intern attended class once per week for eight weeks to learn the core topics necessary to become a Master Gardener.  These sessions included teachings about Invasive Plants, Soils, Botany, Lawn Care, Houseplants, Pesticides, Plant Pathology, Weed Control, Pollinators, Entomology, Pest Management, Wildlife Control, Tree Identification, Vegetables and Fruits.   The classes were taught by OSU Extension Educators as well as guest instructors.  To finish the training program, each intern completed a presentation to the group that shared their knowledge about a specific plant or gardening technique.  The interns are now working on completing the required 50 hours of volunteer “give back”  to become certified Master Gardener Volunteers in Fairfield County. 

For more details about the Master Gardener Program, contact Connie Smith, Master Gardener Volunteer coordinator at 740-277-4632 or

You can learn more about the Ohio Master Gardener Volunteer program here.