Live Healthy Live Well

Live Healthy Live Well (LHLW) lessons educate consumers on nutrition, fitness and other wellness issues, increasing awareness and adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors, and ultimately reducing health care costs.

OSU Extension Family & Consumer Sciences Educators can provide reliable, research-rooted wellness information for businesses and organizations of any size. We can support your wellness education efforts with programs that cover topics on healthy people, healthy finances, and healthy relationships to encourage participants to adopt practices that will help them attain a healthier lifestyle. Email or call Shannon Carter at or 740-653-5419 for more information about how to schedule a program for your employees or your organization.

Choose one or more of our current program topics to fit your organization's need:

  • Physical Activity: A Good Fit
  • Stop Stressing, Start Living!
  • The Skinny on Fat
  • Think About What You Drink
  • Are You Getting Your ZZZs (Sleep)
  • Weight Management
  • Save Your Skin (Sun Safety)
  • Why Whole Grains
  • Healthy Meals for Busy Families
  • Slow Cooker Basics
  • Cooking for One or Two