The Research and Extension Analytical Laboratory (REAL-LAB) run by The Ohio State University was closed in December 1998. Since that time, we have developed a partnership with the University of Kentucky Soil Testing Laboratory that allows us to work with Fairfield County residents and farmers to service all soil nutrient testing needs.

We have the soil bags, input forms and instructions available through this local Fairfield County OSU Extension office to assist those interested in having their soil analyzed. A 'basic' analysis, which includes discovery of P, K, Ca, Mg, Zn, pH and buffer pH, costs $6.50 per sample (includes bag and laboratory analysis) if the individual assumes the responsibility for packaging and mailing their own samples from home. If the Extension office assumes the responsibility for processing, postage and mailing the samples the cost is $15.95 per sample. Additional tests such as organic matter or trace elements are available for additional fees.

Everything necessary to complete a sample may be received by coming to our office in the Fairfield County Ag Center at 831 College Ave. For more detail, call us at: 740.653.5419. Those wishing to see additional tests which are available and their costs may visit or call our office.

For information on collecting and handling farm or commercial soil samples, review OSU Extension Fact Sheet AGF-513. For details on soil testing for lawn and garden plants, review OSU Extension Fact Sheet HYG-1132-99

Upon receipt of the soil analysis results from the UK lab, local OSU Extension office staff will work with individuals to develop soil nutrient recommendations based on the results of their soil tests