The subject of local foods is a broad, critical issue that affects every Ohioan and is of great public interest and need. For additional information please visit the Ohio State University Extension's Local Foods page. In the meantime, please find your local food sources in Fairfield County linked below. 


Download or share the current Fairfield County Local Foods Guide - updated August, 2022.

If you are currently listed in our on-line guide and want to make changes or updates, or would like to be added to the Fairfield County Local Foods Guide, please follow this Local Foods Guide Survey link or go to and complete the survey. We reserve the right to edit and include only those producers that sell directly to consumers from their farm or business, farmers markets, CSA’s or community supported agriculture, local produce auctions, market houses etc.

If you have questions related to the Fairfield County Local Foods Guide please contact the OSU Extension office at 740-653-5419 or