2020 Summer Judging Results

Awards for summer judging were done differently this year due to the changes we had to make.  Rather than placing awards within a project title or area, we allowed each judge to pick their top projects presented throughout the day. Outstanding of the Day and Honorable Mention of the Day are the awards that judges had the opportunity to select. Multiple youth could have been selected within the same project title/area to receive an award, and it is possible some project titles/areas did not have any awards this year. Thank you for being understanding and flexible as we worked through these unusual times this summer!

FCS Miscellaneous (Health, Family Life and Child Development, Home Decorating & Design, Money Mgmt) Projects (Judged 7/13)

                        07/13/2020 Results

4-H Miscellaneous - Communication, Creative and Leisure Arts (incl. Creative Writing) Projects (Judged 7/14)

                        07/14/2020 Results

Aerospace, Engineering & Woodworking Projects, Environmental Science Projects (Judged 7/15)

                        07/15/2020 Results

Clothing Projects (Judged 7/16)

                        07/16/2020 Results