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2019 newsletters and updates

August 2019 Pre-Fair Newsletter

2018 Newsletters and updates

August 2018 Pre-Fair Newsletter 

2017 Newsletters and updates

October 4, 2017  Display Barn Set Up and Guard Volunteers 
September 15, 2017 Junior Fair Display Barn Volunteer letter 
August 11, 2017 Pre-Fair Newsletter 

2016 Newsletters and updates

October 28, 2016  Post Fair Review Form return to Chuck via email at
October 27, 2016 End of Year Information packet 
October 3, 2016  Fair Volunteer Letter (Display Barn Set-up and Volunteers) 
August 2016 Advisor Update February/March 2016 County Clover 

2015 Newsletters and updates

December 2015 County Clover 
August 2015 County Clover 
April 2015 Monthly 4H Update