In 2019, 22 Master Gardeners have donated over 770 hours alone to the efforts at the Wagnall’s Learning Garden efforts.  MGV’s were assigned gardens areas to clean and tend throughout the garden season offering learning opportunities for visitors to the gardens.  The plants have all been identified and labeled as well as a garden brochure was completed to further engage visitors in the  gardens at Wagnall’s each year.  An educational pollinator display, pollinator seeds and 200 Wagnall’s Garden Learning brochure were distributed.   The lessons with the Home School classes were so successful a Holiday Activity was planned utilizing evergreens from the Wagnall’s Garden for 22 children.

In 2020, our major goal for was to conduct monthly pollinator classes in the Wagnall’s Garden beginning in mid- May to extend the learning and master gardener teaching in the community. Fifteen MGV’s met in late 2019 to plan our 2020 educational efforts with both adult and youth learners.  Even with COVID restrictions in 2020, 12 MGV’s donated 285 hours in planning and working in the Wagnall’s Gardens.

This will be an ongoing project in cooperation with the Wagnalls Library Director and the Wagnall’s Library Board.      

Amphitheater at Wagnall's Garden   Birdhouse at Wagnall's Gardens 

Front Door Entrance plants in Wagnall's Garden    Lighthouse and plants at Wagnall's Garden

Blue Butterfly sculpture in Wagnall's Garden    Bee Hive/pollinator at Wagnall's Garden

MGV speaking with guests during Honeyfest at Wagnall's Garden    Homeschooled families participating in a Winter class at Wagnall's

Rock Vase area in Wagnall's Garden    Guest seated at the Outdoor Theater in the Wagnall's Garden