Master Gardener Volunteers are assigned gardens areas to clean and tend throughout the garden season and offer learning opportunities for visitors to the gardens.  The plants are all been identified and labeled and a garden brochure is available to further engage visitors in the gardens at Wagnall’s each year.  

A goal for this partnership is to conduct classes in the Wagnall’s Garden throughout the garden season to extend the learning and master gardener teaching in the community.  In 2022, MGV’s donated 773 hours in planning and working in the Wagnalls Memorial Gardens. In addition, the project was awarded the "Friend" of the OSU Extension Master Gardener Program. 

This is an ongoing project in cooperation with the Wagnalls Library Director and the Wagnall’s Library Board.      

   Ohio State Buckeyes Master Gardener Volunteer tent/display for Honeyfest    Alliums in the Wagnalls Memorial Garden  

    7 adult women posing with award    Homeschooled families participating in a Winter class at Wagnall's

Rock Vase area in Wagnall's Garden    Two women talking on the garden path at Wagnalls Memorial Library    Young girl painting a colorful tree at Wagnalls Memorial Library