1. Local Foods Guide Now Available

    Apr. 01, 2016

    Utilize this local foods guide of food growers, producers and markets and help preserve the agricultural economy of Fairfield County.

  2. Keep Stored Grain Cool and Dry

    Mar. 31, 2016

    Keeping stored grain cool is important as outdoor temperatures start to warm this spring because each 10 degrees the grain temperature increases reduces the allowable storage time by about half.

  3. Food Safety Modernization Act Changes the Way Fruits/Vegetables are Handled

    Mar. 30, 2016

    In 2011 the Food Safety Modernization Act was passed in an effort to reduce the frequency of foodborne illness outbreaks associated with contaminated produce. Now, finally, fruit and vegetable growers are able to learn about the rules they will need to follow to be in compliance with the Act.

  4. Fertilizer Application Record Keeping App Now Available

    Dec. 11, 2015

    If you apply fertilizer to more than 50 acres used for ag production that you will sell, a Fertilizer Certification must be attained by September, 2017. Much like with a Pesticide Applicator’s Certification, records of your fertilizer applications are required. Now, there's a free app for that!

  5. We Are "Extension"

    Dec. 03, 2015

    Often times you hear us say "we are Extension" but may not know exactly what we are an extension of. Fact is, we are your extension of The Ohio State University . . . your front door to OSU in Fairfield County

  6. Vinegar: Is it a “Safer” Herbicide?

    Jul. 21, 2015

    It’s obvious that abundant rainfall makes lots of weeds! Along with those weeds come calls from homeowners asking for ‘safe’ ways to control them. One product that is frequently asked about for control of landscape weeds is vinegar. A simple question regarding vinegar commonly evolves into a conversation about toxins, pesticides, the legality of its use, and exactly what ‘safer’ means.

  7. Spotted Wing Drosophila Remains a Concern for Area Fruit Growers

    Jun. 19, 2015

    A relatively new pest for area fruit growers, the spotted wing drosophila has the potential to wipe out entire fruit crops because of its propensity to attack healthy ripening fruit.

  8. Avian Influenza: What’s it mean for Fairfield County Poultry Growers and Exhibitors?

    May. 13, 2015

    (UPDATE: on June 2, 2015 the ODA cancelled ALL poultry shows in Ohio for 2015) It behooves all poultry producers – young and old, commercial or hobby – to work to protect not only our youth project birds, but most importantly Ohio’s $2.3 billion poultry industry from this highly pathogenic disease!

  9. Listeria: What is it?

    Apr. 24, 2015

    Listeria monocytogenes is a bacterium found frequently in the environment. This bacterium can cause the serious foodborne illness “listeriosis.”

  10. Botulism: What is it?

    Apr. 21, 2015

    Botulism is the name of a rare but serious foodbourne disease we get by consuming the toxin of bacteria Clostridium botulinium