1. Overcoming Pandemic Paralysis

    Mar. 19, 2021

    Overcoming Pandemic Paralysis

    Fridays, March 26 - April 23 -- 11:00 - 11:30 A.M.

    We’ve been living through a pandemic for over a year now. Have you at times struggled to find motivation, connection and hope for the future? Have you felt defeated, deflated, or depressed? If so, you’re not alone! 

  2. Fairfield County Market Beef Tagging, Weighing, and DNA Sample Collection Procedure for 2021

    Feb. 16, 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to change the way we do many things in life that had become seemingly routine. Fortunately, in most cases the advances in technology have allowed many of these changes to take place almost seamlessly. The annual Junior market beef weigh-in and tagging in Fairfield County is an example.

  3. Extension Connection - January 2021

    Feb. 03, 2021

    To read more about Extension program highlights and news in Fairfield County (with pictures!), review our latest Extension Connection, published January, 2021!

    If you would like to view previous editions, visit our Reports & Highlights page. 

  4. 2021 Community Assessment of ANR Programming in Fairfield County

    Feb. 01, 2021

    We are taking a strategic look at Agriculture and Natural Resources programs with OSU Extension in Fairfield County and we would love to have your input. Please take 7 minutes to complete our survey: The survey will close on February 28.

  5. Your One-stop Shop for Winter Ag Programs

    Jan. 15, 2021

    Check out this one-stop shop to view upcoming regional and statewide agriculture and natural resources programs: Simply click the topic you are interested in to view 2020-21 events. If you have any questions, contact us in the OSU Extension office.

  6. Strong @ Heart Email Challenge

    Jan. 11, 2021

    "Strong @ Heart" Email Wellness Challenge

    Heart disease is the number one cause of death for people in the United States. This fact does not come without hope. There are many things we can do each day to improve heart health. Educators with Ohio State University Extension are ready to help. Join us for this challenge to learn how to limit stress, increase activity, and eat for a healthy heart.

  7. Beating the Winter Blues

    Nov. 30, 2020

    Fridays | January 8, 15, 22 & 29 | 11:00 - 11:30 a.m.

    Do you ever feel sad or just “blah” in the winter? Maybe you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or a milder form of this condition we commonly refer to as the "winter blues." In this four-part webinar series, OSU Extension Educators will share information about SAD and what you can do to beat the winter blues. Topics will include:

  8. Fall Food Preservation Virtual Series

    Oct. 09, 2020

    Gardeners and other lovers of fresh produce are often interested in extending the season's bounty by preserving fruits and vegetables and meats at home.  Ohio State University Extension Family and Consumer Sciences teaches the basics of home canning and preservation through a virtual series called “Food Preservation Office Hours”.  These online classes emphasize the science behind preservation so that everyone who preserves fruits, vegetables, and meats understands why certain procedures must be followed precisely to ensure a high-quality, safe product that they and their family can enjoy...

  9. Take a Break! Email Wellness Challenge

    Oct. 01, 2020

    Do you need a break? Us too! We have been spending so much time with technology, worrying about online school or staying healthy that it’s been hard to make time for play, wellness, and celebrations. Educators with Ohio State University Extension are ready to help. Join us for the fall email challenge and explore how to take the break you deserve.

  10. "Retirement... Here I come" -a note from Jerry Iles

    Sep. 30, 2020

    Retirement … Here I Come

    a note from Jerry Iles, Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator – Fairfield County – (12/2014—9/2020)