July 25, 2019 - 2:13pm -- hicks.686@osu.edu

With the shift to newer technology, our office has updated the phone system and our contact numbers have changed.  Our new main line is 740-653-5419 (some of you may recognize this one).

Below are the new direct dial numbers: 

Family & Consumer Sciences

  Shannon Carter  740-277-4624


  Kacie Funk  740-277-4627

  Diane Sommers  740-277-4634

4-H Youth Development

  Leslie Cooksey  740-277-4625

  Aubry Fowler  740-277-4626

  Missy Koenig  740-277-4631

Ag & Natural Resources

  Jerry Iles  740-277-4630

  Connie Smith  740-277-4632

  Stan Smith  740-277-4633

To print a list for your information click here