May 20, 2020 - 11:36am --

In spite of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fairfield County Agriculture Society (Senior Fair Board) is continuing to make plans for the 2020 Fair. Their goal continues to be to host the 170th annual Fairfield County Fair from October 11-17, 2020. However, realizing that COVID-19 is a fluid and ever evolving situation, at the very least, plans are being made that will allow Fairfield County youth to complete their projects this fall on the Fairgrounds. As a result of the ongoing planning process, the Fairfield County Agriculture Society, on May 18th, 2020, passed the following motions regarding the 2020 Fairfield County Fair:

  1. The Junior Fairbook will not be printed in 2020 but will be available on-line electronically. The Board will publish the books on their web site and request that The Ohio State University Extension publish it on their site as well. The 2019 rules will be followed in 2020 with adjustments being made as we progress towards the fair and through the current epidemic situation. Exhibitors should check the site for updates weekly.
  2. The weigh-in tag-in scheduled for July for the following animals has changed as follows:
  • Sheep- MQP will be scheduled for a weigh-in and that information will be sent to exhibitors who have signed up.
  • ALL Sheep and goats that normally weigh-in in July or check-in will need to submit the animals scrappies number along with a picture of the animal head on, side and from the rear. The process for submitting these pictures will be announced in June.
  • Dairy Feeders will not be weighed in this year but will require a picture front, side and rear and the exhibitor must secure a take from the Fair office to be put in the animal’s ear. Specific dates and how you can obtain the tags will be released in June.
  1. Hog tag-in details will be announced after the June Fair Board meeting.

The Fairfield County Agriculture Society is working with the Fairfield County Health Department and the Ohio Health Department to provide you all with the safest and best experience we can in 2020. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance so we can guarantee these experiences for our youth.  


Questions can be directed to Chuck Miller, Junior Fair Director, at