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April 14, 2020

Dear 4-H Families, Volunteers and Supporters:

It is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you. Due to ongoing health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to cancel all Ohio State University Extension in-person programming through July 6. This includes all 4-H programs, activities, and events. Additionally, Ohio 4-H has made the very difficult decision to cancel all 4-H camps thru August 31. Although in-person programming is cancelled, we will continue to offer virtual 4-H experiences.

We know this is an incredible disappointment and recognize how much everyone looks forward to our cherished 4-H summer events. As 4-H professionals committed to providing positive youth development programming, we share your sense of loss.

Given available information, we anticipate the next few weeks and months will continue to be critical times for stemming the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is our duty to keep ourselves and those we serve safe through the education we provide and the modeling of safety-conscious behaviors. We do not want to get to the other side of this pandemic and wish that we had done more to keep our future generation of leaders safe and healthy.

While we are making decisions regarding the youth events we organize and manage (such as camps and 4-H project judging), we are deferring to local decision-makers and Governor DeWine’s administration on the events owned by others, such as county fairs. Our decision to cancel in-person 4-H activities and events through July 6 and summer camps, should not automatically imply that local county fairs are also canceled at this time. Please keep in mind that 4-H and our FFA colleagues support the education and development of youth, but the decision about whether fairs will occur is in the hands of others. This continues to be an evolving situation that will require some negotiation and monitoring depending on decisions. We will be ready should fairs move forward and to pivot if they are cancelled.

As we work through the impact of these decisions for 4-H activities and events in the weeks ahead, county OSU Extension 4-H professionals will share important updates and information with you as we develop and provide new online opportunities. We know the experiences will be different than we had hoped, yet we remain committed to working together to grow future generations of true leaders.

Please continue reading for an updated list of dates as it relates to Fairfield County 4-H and Extension meetings, programs, and events.

Yours in service to 4-H,

Leslie Cooksey and Aubry Fowler, Fairfield County 4-H Educators

We know that this is a stressful and confusing time, but as we get more information on the coronavirus outbreak, we are doing everything possible to keep our 4-H members, families and community supporters safe. At the end of the day we are committed to our members and want to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

As you may be aware, The Ohio State University announced the suspension of face-to-face instruction and the move to virtual instruction for the remainder of the semester. Events deemed nonessential are postponed between now and at least July 6, 2020 (please note this date has been updated from previous communications). Activities are encouraged to continue virtually when possible.

Based on these guidelines, all in-person meetings of 4-H clubs, committees, advisory groups, and Extension are postponed or canceled until at least July 6. 

Thank you for your patience with your county 4-H staff, the state 4-H office and OSU Extension as we navigate the process. Although this has caused a disruption, 4-H professionals are still working remotely, and many club members are working on their projects. We’re committed to doing our part to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. We also know that when we choose to act together, we can have incredible positive impacts.

Fairfield County club advisors are reaching out to members to begin the enrollment process for 2020. As of right now, we intend to keep our enrollment deadline of May 1st but please stay tuned for updates as it relates to enrollment form deadlines as we approach this date. Clubs are also encouraged to meet virtually during this time. Our office has been temporarily closed as of March 18th however the OSU Extension Staff are available by email and phone. 4-H Project books cannot be purchased or distributed at this time and we will provide an update when this can happen – information will be shared by email hopefully the week of April 13th for online ordering options on 4-H Project Books. Thanks again for your cooperation and patience during this challenging time.

Please read through the following date changes as they related to the Fairfield County Extension and 4-H Programs and mark your calendar accordingly.


  • All 4-H Club Meetings need to be virtual (Skype, Google Hangout, etc.) or postponed until July 6, this means NO face to face meetings, programs, or events until at least July 6th.
  • As of this time, all Fairfield County 4-H Enrollments are still due May 1st.
  • Any 4-H or Junior Fair Forms due May 1st – stay tuned for a way to submit these forms to us online. Forms can also be mailed to the OSU Extension Office at 831 College Avenue, Suite D, Lancaster, OH 43130. We will also be sending a link the week of April 13th on how to submit these forms via an online mailbox!

Schedule changes through July 6th:

  • POSTPONED March 28/April 25 – Cake Decorating Workshop – Rescheduled Date TBD
  • VIRTUAL MEETING April 14 at 7:00 p.m. – 4-H Endowment Committee Meeting (members should have received Zoom connection information from Leslie).
  • VIRTUAL MEETING April 15 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. – Camp Counselor Training (camp counselors will receive Zoom connection information from Aubry).
  • DEADLINE April 15 – Ohio State Fair Scholarship Application
  • CANCELLED April 17 – Spring Horse Clinic
  • RESCHEDULED April 18 for June 27 has now been CANCELLED – 2021 Dig into Gardening – April 17, 2021 at Christ United Methodist Church, Baltimore
  • VIRTUAL MEETING April 20 – Junior Leaders Meeting
  • POSTPONED April 20, 21, 27, 28 – Slow Cooking, Fast Cooking Series – Rescheduled Date TBD
  • NEW VIRTUAL MEETING April 21 – 4-H Advisor Update for Dogs, Livestock, Quality Assurance at 6:00 p.m.
  • VIRTUAL MEETING April 21 – 4-H Horse Advisory Committee at 7:00 p.m.
  • CONFERENCE CALL MEETING April 21 – Senior Fair Board Meeting – check with Leslie for future details.
  • VIRTUAL April 25 - State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest (pre-registration required)
  • RESCHEDULED April 25 - State 4-H Horse Communications Contest – NEW DATE May 16
  • VIRTUAL MEETING April 27 – Camp Counselor Training NEW TIME: 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
  • POSTPONED April 27 – May 1 – Test Out Week for Quality Assurance
  • VIRTUAL MEETING April 29 – Junior Fair Board Meeting
  • POSTPONED May 3 - QA Makeup Option 1 – Date TBD
  • COUNTY DEADLINE May 1st – 4-H Enrollment and Forms
    • All youth (including Cloverbuds) enrollments due in 4-HOnline.
    • All advisor enrollments due in 4-HOnline.
    • Forms due May 1st via Member Online Mailbox:
      • Dog Permission to Participate
      • Horse EquiSTEP Safety Form & Quiz/Permission to Participate
      • Home Grown Market Wether Form
      • Home Grown Market Rabbit Form
      • MQP Barrow and/or Lamb Applications
    • Forms due May 1st via Advisor Online Mailbox:
      • Check list for Enrollment
      • Charter Checklist
      • Club Information Sheet
      • Fees Paid Report
      • Updated Constitution/By-Laws (if applicable)
      • Club Meeting Schedule/Calendar
  • VIRTUAL MEETING May 4 – Camp Counselor Training – NEW TIME: 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
  • VIRTUAL MEETING May 11 – Fashion and Nutrition Board Meeting
  • VIRTUAL MEETING May 12 – 4-H Endowment Committee Meeting
  • VIRTUAL MEETING May 13 – Junior Fair Board Meeting
  • CANCELLED May 14 – In the Garden 2020: Wagnall’s Master Gardener Volunteer Education Series
  • STATE DEADLINE May 15 – Ohio 4-H Event Youth Assistant Applications
  • POSTPONED May 16 - QA Makeup Option 2 – Date TBD
  • VIRTUAL MEETING May 19 – 4-H Horse Advisory Meeting
  • MEETING May 19 – Senior Fair Board Meeting           
  • VIRTUAL MEETING May 20 – Camp Counselor Training - NEW TIME: 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
  • VIRTUAL MEETING May 21 – 4-H Advisory Committee
  • CANCELLED May 27 – Cloverbud Counselors Picnic & Onsite Training
  • CANCELLED (with details forthcoming for potential virtual option) May 28 – State 4-H Achievement Banquet
  • CANCELLED May 29-31 – State Special Needs Camp at Canter’s Cave
  • COUNTY DEADLINE June 1 Horse ID & Photos, Lease Form, Club Pony Form, Negative Coggins Test (if going to State Fair)
  • COUNTY DEADLINE June 1 Sign-up for Health & Safety and Pledge/Creed Speaking Events (details will be forthcoming on holding this event virtually)
  • VIRTUAL MEETING June 1 – Junior Leaders
  • VIRTUAL MEETING June 1 – Fashion & Nutrition Board
  • VIRTUAL MEETING June 2 – Sale Committee
  • CANCELLED June 4 & June 5 – Intermediate Counselor Work Days
  • CANCELLED June 6 – Cloverbud Camp
  • VIRTUAL June 1-3 – Ohio 4-H Leadership Camp (for previously registered 4-H members)
  • TBD June 7-12 – Camp Canopy (should have determination on this from Ohio Forestry Association by the end of the week of April 13th)
  • CANCELLED June 9 – Tar Hollow Counselors Camp
  • VIRTUAL June 10 – 4-H Pledge/Creed, Health & Safety Speaking Contests
  • CANCELLED June 11 – 4-H Legacy Dinner
  • VIRTUAL June 15 State 4-H Hippology
  • VIRTUAL June 15 State 4-H Horse Judging Contest
  • CANCELLED June 15-18 – Intermediate Camp
  • MEETING June 16 – Senior Fair Board
  • POSTPONED June 20 – Ohio 4-H Dog Bowl Contest – RESCHEDULED for October 17 (Team entries must be postmarked by Thursday, September 17). Visit www.go.osu.edu/calendardogs for more information.
  • CANCELLED June 20 – Fairfield County PAS Horse Show
  • CANCELLED June 23 & 24 – Junior Camp Counselor Work Days
  • CANCELLED June 21-27 – Citizenship Washington Focus
  • CANCELLED and TBD June 29 – Area III Health & Safety Speaking Contest
  • COUNTY DEADLINE July 1 – 4-H Writing Project Entries (will submit to 4-H Member Online Mailbox)
  • COUNTY DEADLINE July 1 – Horse Members: Negative Coggins Test for Primary Horse
  • CANCELLED June 30 – July 4 – Junior Camp

Future programming will be evaluated as we receive additional information from the state. Programming updates will be announced on our Ohio State – Fairfield County 4-H Facebook page as well as our Events tab on our OSU Extension website (http://fairfield.osu.edu).

For up-to-date information on the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread, please visit:

The best way to reach us is via email:

Leslie Cooksey:cooksey.25@osu.edu     Aubry Fowler: fowler.443@osu.edu

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