February 13, 2023 - 10:11am -- hicks.686@osu.edu

2023 SPRING PROGRAMMING - Agriculture and Natural Resources

Visit our website or click on the program titles below for more details and to register! All event information can be found at go.osu.edu/fcevents.

THE BEST TREE FOR YOUR SITE WEBINAR - February 23, noon-1:30pm, virtual

In preparation for the Fairfield SWCD Annual Tree Sale, join us for this virtual program as we will explore picking the right site for your tree…and the right tree for your site!

VERNAL POOL EXPLORATION - March 3, 1pm-3pm, in-person

From salamanders to fairy shrimp, discover the many unique critters that call vernal pools home. Join us at Coyote Run for a brief outdoor presentation followed by a vernal pool hike.

VIRTUAL SPRING WILDFLOWER HIKE - March 10, 10am-noon, virtual

Many spring woodland occupants such as our state wildflower, White Trillium, are ephemeral in nature and won’t be here long! Tune in to this webinar as we embark on a virtual spring wildflower hike.

FRUIT TREE PRUNING WORKSHOP - March 30, 5:30-8:00pm, in-person

Join us at Hugus Fruit Farm for this free outdoor event. Walk the orchard, learn about pruning techniques for apple and peach trees, and even borrow sheers for some hands-on practice!

SPRING POND MANAGEMENT CLINIC - March 28, 5:30pm-7:30pm, in-person

Presented in collaboration with Fairfield SWCD, join us for in-field discussion on managing your backyard pond, both in the spring, as well as throughout the year.

WINTER TREE ID - April 7, 9:30am-3pm, in-person

Identifying trees in winter can be a real challenge. This hands-on workshop is designed to give participants in-depth training and practice on identifying trees without the leaves.

QUESTIONS? Contact Fairfield County OSU Extension at 740-653-5419 or email brown.2766@osu.edu