Livestock Judging Team Meeting - CANCELLED TONIGHT!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Fairfield County Ag Center
Contact name:
Trey Miller and Justin Bachman
Contact phone:
740-505-0514 and 740-974-3368

The Fairfield Livestock Judging Club (FLJC) is currently operating under a similar format to that of the Junior Leaders Club, however we are open to all ages of 4-H members. There is no enrollment period as we are open to new members at all times. No matter the age or experience, we have a spot on the team open!

The FLJC is nothing new to Fairfield County's history with 4-H. In the 1990s and 2000s, Fairfield County led serious campaigns during state and local contests, however during Justin and I's duration in 4-H, there wasn't as strong of a presence for the livestock judging team. We were both members of The Ohio State University's Collegiate Livestock Judging Team and were at a disadvantage in the beginning because we hadn't followed the traditional route of our contemporaries. Meaning, we hadn't judged through 4-H, we didn't receive a scholarship to judge in Junior College nor did we know Junior College was an option, and we didn't have a scholarship to judge in Senior College. Through our involvement in the industry, we caught up fairly quickly, but there is always a 'what if' we attended Junior College, 'what if' we had a strong county 4-H judging program that grew youth with a passion for the livestock industry to judge in college. Thus, the FLJC was born again.

Livestock judging gives young people many valuable opportunities to develop skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. They’ll be able to apply the skills they learn as a livestock judge to any number of different professional situations they later encounter. With that thought in mind, there is interest in offering Fairfield County youth the opportunity to develop their livestock judging skills through participation in a county wide program.

Why is livestock judging important?

 *   Enhances decision making capabilities
 *   Oral reasons provide the framework for public speaking skills
 *   Builds character, integrity and honesty
 *   Network with other individuals and producers who share similar interest

No formal training needed – just a will to learn and an interest in scholarship opportunities or livestock industry knowledge.