Beef Quality Assurance Certification and REcertification

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 - 5:45pm
Fairfield County Fairgrounds
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Beef Quality Assurance Certification and REcertification set for September 15

Following the lead set by the pork industry years ago, many segments of the beef industry require BQA certification in order for cattlemen to have market access for their cattle. This was never more apparent than when nearly four years ago Tyson Foods, who harvest and process 25% of the US beef market share, and also Wendy’s, the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the country, announced the cattle they purchase must originate from producers and feedyards who are Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified. Since then, other fed cattle buyers have followed suit and are making the same requests.

Because BQA is a three year certification, most of those who were BQA Certified in the fall of 2018 are due to be REcertified at this time. To accommodate not only those now needing REcertification but also those wanting initial BQA certification, the Fairfield County Cattlemen will be hosting a Beef Quality Assurance certification on Wednesday, September 15. The program will be held at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds and will begin at 5:45 with a hamburger fry compliments of the Fairfield County Cattlemen’s Association. BQA certification will immediately follow.

The reality is that consumers are increasingly concerned for animal well-being, and the sustainability of the production systems their food’s raised in. Further, not only are today’s consumers sharing their concerns, but now the businesses who are supplying the public’s demand for a quality beef product raised in a humane and sustainable fashion also want some guarantees that it’s happening throughout the production chain. And, consumers have proven through the spending their dollars at the meat case they are willing to pay for high quality beef.

Plan to attend on September 15th and enjoy a beef supper provided by the Fairfield County Cattlemen and then also acquire your BQA Certification. Participation is free but reservations are required by simply completing the brief registration form that can be found at