Barrow MQP, Finished Pig Weigh-In

Sunday, September 22, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Fairfield County Fairgrounds, Lancaster OH
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Stan Smith
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The Swine MQP program concludes two weeks prior to the Fair on Sunday, Setember 22, at the Fairgrounds. Requirements and details for the program may be found in the Junior Fair Book.

Exhibitors who have applied for entry and been accepted into the contest may bring their MQP barrows and DUNF forms on the 22nd to the Junior Swine barn on the Fairgrounds beginning at 1:00 p.m. for weighing and a live evaluation, and must arrive before 2:00 p.m. Upon arrival the barrow will be weighed and then photographed along with the exhibitor. Barrows must meet the minimum weight requirement of 225 pounds.

Shortly after 2:00 a live evaluation of the pigs will be conducted. This evaluation has no bearing on the pig’s placing in the MQP program and is conducted only to offer the exhibitor and those in attendance insight into what the “commercial” swine industry looks for in market swine.

Immediately upon completion of the live evaluation, the MQP Show Committee has made arrangements for the barrows to be transported from the Fairgrounds and taken to harvest at Bay Packing near Pleasantville. They will be watered and held there until they are harvested on Monday morning, September 23.

Review of the program and awards announcement will be held the following week on October 2 in the Ag Center beginning at 6 p.m. Again this year Faler Feed Store will be sponsoring supper. The awards presentations will be made at the Fair during the ‘live’ Jr. swine show, similar to the way it’s been done in the past.

Again this year each exhibitor is responsible for either taking their barrow home as freezer pork, or selling their pork to someone who will take it home for the freezer. Bay Packing will harvest and cut the pork to the buyer's specifications. New this year, Bay will be able to cure the hams as well as the bacon.

Anyone interested in purchasing freezer pork from an exhibiotor is invited to call the OSU Extension office at 740-277-4633 to have their name placed on the list.

Those interested in how the Barrow MQP program is scored will find a presentation posted on the Extension website at: .

Additional questions may be directed to OSU Extension office (740-653-5419), or to the Junior Fair MQP Superintendent Bryan Black (614-837-0224).