Fairfield County Office

831 College Ave. Suite D
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Hours of Operation

7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Other hours available by appointment


County News

  1. We All Love Mulch . . . Take Care Not to Misuse It!

    Each year homeowners spend hundreds – and, in some cases many hundreds – of dollars on mulch for the landscape. When properly applied at the right time, mulch has its place.
  2. Mosquito Control Can = Disease Prevention

    While avoiding the annoying bite of the mosquito may be the motivating factor, mosquito control is important for reducing the spread of disease. Controlling mosquito populations takes a varied approach beginning first with the avoidance of pooled or standing water!
  3. Host Families Sought for 4-H Exchange Program!

    Families thoughout Ohio have an opportunity to welcome students from the Japanese exchange program, Labo.